Emergency injection

In the case of an Addison crisis, or if one threatens, corticosteroids should  be injected. This injection can be given into a muscle (intramuscular) by the GP or any medically trained person, or directly into the vein (intravenous). The second technique can also be applied in medical emergencies by a social worker or bystander other than the GP. The most commonly used injectable corticosteroid for Addison patients are:

  • DA-Adreson--F-aquosum-25-mg-prednison-combiEmergency injection with corticosteroïds (Prednisolone):
    1. 25 mg powder
    2. 1 or 2 ml of solvent

This is the same as Di-Adreson-F aquosum; 25 mg prednisolone. Note: 25 mg prednisolone has about the same corticosteroid activity as 100 mg. hydrocortisone.


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